Women’s role behind the front lines and their support for the fighters                 

Women’s role behind the front lines and their support for the fighters

Where throughout history have you heard of young women, who are supposed to be enjoying their youth, old women and old men striving the way ours are doing here today to support their army?  Where in the world have you seen women struggling shoulder-to-shoulder with their men folks, with their revolutionary guards, police, army and all the armed forces?  If you know of such a place tell us so that we may know too.  28 October  (6 Aban 1359 AHS)


You yourselves can see that the entire country is now at war.  Even girls in their homes have joined the war by contributing to the war effort.      3 November  (12 Aban 1359 AHS)


Can you find a single village in Iraq that would help them[1] in their war effort as our people are helping in ours?  Of course they get the things they need, but by forcing the people to contribute, by plundering their people.  You can’t find one village in the whole of the country of Iraq whose women would bake bread, pack it and send it for the soldiers as ours are doing.  Such a nation fears no one, it has no reason to fear.    3 November  (12 Aban 1359 AHS)


Who are supporting our armed forces, may God assist them, now that they are at the war fronts and are in the thick of the fighting?  [They are] those ladies who bake bread for them and those people who send money, provisions and so many other things for them.  [They are] these Muslim people.  You can see on your televisions a lady who donates ten eggs, a young child who gives his ten tumans.  Why are they doing this?  They are doing it for Islam, for their Islamic country.

16 November  (25 Aban 1359 AHS)


If a war had broken out during the time of Muhammad Riza in Ahwaz, for example, would the women of Khorasan province[2] have baked bread for his soldiers?  They would have prayed for their defeat!  Now, however, things have changed.  Where in the world can you find a similar situation where the people support their government, support their army as they are doing here today?  This has no equal; you cannot find its likes in history.  From the small child who donates his ten tumans to the aged 80-year-old who gives her few eggs to help the armed forces, these are very valuable acts.  Such values must be preserved, our country’s victory stems from such values; the victory over hearts is much greater than the victory over a country.

6 December  (15 Azar 1359 AHS)



The entire nation, not only the young people and those at the war fronts, but even the aged men and women and the very young girls, all are active in the struggles and the war effort, all consider themselves to be at the battle front.

19 March  (28 Isfand 1359 AHS)


When I see on the television those esteemed ladies who are busy helping and supporting the armed forces, my heart is filled with admiration for them such that no one else can inspire.  The things they do, they do without expecting anything in return, they are not seeking a post or something from the people in return.  They are the unknown soldiers who are busy performing their jihad on the different fronts.  If we have gained nothing else from this Islamic Republic, this active involvement of all segments of the population in the country’s affairs, their supervision of these affairs, is in itself a miracle that I don’t believe has occurred anywhere else.  And this is a gift from God, the hands of man are not involved here, God, the Blessed and Exalted, has bestowed this upon us.  We must cherish this gift.  Let us imitate these ladies and children who are working behind the lines, and those who have remained in these ruined and half-ruined cities.  We must learn Islamic ethics, faith and turning to God from them.          19 March  (28 Isfand 1359 AHS)



Perhaps throughout the whole of history you cannot find anything quite like it.  Small children, young adults, old women, young brides and bridegrooms, all take part in the war effort together.  The battlefield here is one on which the entire nation is present.

5 April  (16 Farvardin 1360 AHS)



What was more significant than anything else in Iran was the change, which took place in the Iranian women.  The ladies of Iran have played a greater role in this movement and this revolution than the men, and today as they pursue their activities behind the front lines, their role is greater still.  Through their educational pursuits, whether in the form of educating their own children or teaching in classrooms or other places, they still play a great role in this revolution.

Women have a special kind of compassion and benevolence in their natures which men lack and which pushes them to strive harder than the men behind the front lines.  It is this compassion, which has led them to make very useful and valuable contributions to the war effort and to continue to do so.          23 May  (2 Khurdad 1360 AHS)



However, God the Blessed and Exalted bestowed His favour on this nation and granted our country this victory.  I am hopeful that through the dedication and commitment of the ladies, support for this nation and Islam will become stronger in the future, and through the efforts of you esteemed women, young people will emerge who will help bring victory at the warfront and will work behind the lines to develop and improve the country.     23 May  (2 Khurdad 1360 AHS)



All the Muslim people of Iran support the army.  As you fight at the fronts, they help behind the lines.  No one forces them to do so; they do so willingly.  Small children come forward and give their savings for you; a 70-year-old lady comes and gives the gold she has had for years to help you.  

14 June  (24 Khurdad 1360 AHS)



Today the people’s co-operation and help is unprecedented.  Every day we see women giving their life savings, their pieces of gold, for God and the war effort.  

25 May  (4 Khurdad 1361 AHS)



Greetings to you lion-hearted men and women who through your mobilisation, financial help and co-operation in other areas, whether at the front line or behind the lines, encourage our brave fighters and reinforce these warriors, and who are instrumental in uncovering and neutralising the plots of our enemies.         4 June  (14 Khurdad 1361 AHS)



We are indeed indebted to the kindness of these generous masses who give all they have and expect nothing in return.  From those old ladies who give for Islam what it has taken them a lifetime to collect, to those who break open their moneyboxes and donate the contents.  I can find no words to adequately describe this nation; I cannot praise them enough.  I leave it to God the Blessed and Exalted to bestow His special favour upon them.  May God protect you all and keep you steadfast in these bastions.        17 October  (25 Mehr 1361 AHS)



I must thank the people of Qum, the great ladies of Qum, who, at a time when we are forced to confront the superpowers and other corrupt powers who are attacking Iran on all sides, are active behind the lines just as the warriors are in the front lines.  You are active on two fronts, on one you are fashioning yourselves and your young ones, and on the other you are supporting those at the war fronts.  What you are doing is worthy of thanks; it is very valuable and carries much weight before God the Blessed and Exalted.         13 March  (22 Isfand 1361 AHS)



These people in the streets and bazaars, these people in the provincial towns, cities and villages, they are the nation; they are the ones helping the war effort, helping behind the lines.  It is their women, their children, all of them together who are busy rendering a service.  They are not tired.  What is there to be tired of?  Should they turn away from Islam?!   17 August  (26 Murdad 1362 AHS)



If it were not for your efforts, along with those of your noble brothers and sisters at the war fronts and behind the front lines who through their particular form of sincere devotion attracted Almighty God’s special favour, which power and which weapon of war could save the Islamic Republic and your beloved country from this raging tidal wave which the East and West, hand in glove with its satellites, created in the hope of submerging it?          7 February  (18 Bahman 1363 AHS)



While acknowledging my own weaknesses and failures, I should like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the dear warriors who through their valour and martyrdom-seeking spirit defended their Islamic homeland, and with their pure blood have lit up the path to freedom for all the captive nations.  Also to the honourable mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and spouses on the home front who have risen up in support of the dear combatants, sparing no effort in the sacred defence of Islam and their Islamic country.  Indeed, I thank the entire nation of great and committed people who form an active presence on all scenes.      1 September  (10 Shahrivar 1364 AHS)



You ladies should bear in mind that just as it is necessary for the men at the fronts to push forward and spearhead the battle, so too it is necessary for you to help on the home front.

2 March  (11 Isfand 1364 AHS)



A very significant sum of money donated by the esteemed Iraqi ladies has been received.  May God assist them further in their service to Islam and to the dear combatants who are sacrificing their lives to eliminate the wickedness of the powers and their vile dependants.  I ask Almighty God to grant health and happiness to all.      19 December  (28 Azar 1366 AHS)

[1]-  The Ba’athist regime in Iraq.

[2]-  In the northeast of Iran.



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