SICKLY EYES                 



What charming mole thy lips have


Behold! That I am caught

Pray, what thy sickly eyes have

That sickened is my heart


I have shunn'd my self's love

Now truth is none but me

I will see the gallows also

As did Mansur see


O darling, it's thy thought's flame

That sets my heart afire

If I am now the talk of town

My name thou didst inspire


Keep the door of tavern open

For me night and day

Farewell seminary, farewell mosque

Let me go my way


It was quite ere long you know

That pietistic garment I tore

The tavern- keeper's patched dress

To find the way I wore


Lo! City’s priest tortures me

With sermons vile and rot

Where art thou! Do rescue me

Hearken, the spirit of sot


O what a place is idol-house

Good memories let me cherish

The tavern- keeper's magic touch


Hast made my sleep perish


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